Monday, 2 July 2012

August 2011 Update

August 2011

On August 12, 2011 we met the warden of the WRN allotment, and asked her. We were told that we could take the forest which would be 13.

It was a full forest, and had been not cleared for years. The whole of WRN, had been once Newbury Park Station.

Me and Mrs did Ganapathy pooja ( Prayers to Lord Ganesh (Elephant God)).

The weekend we had borrowed the trimmer to chop down the over grown thorny weeds.

 The next week we had bought our own contour strimmer from B&Q (34.98) , Wellies and  gloves.

New Plot (WRN 2B)

We started working the next week trimming. We were updated on 12th evening we are allocated 2B as the present person had planned to move off.

 We were over joyed. As the 2B was not like a forest. But it was full of weeds.

Me and my Mrs we had cleared the half the plot allocated to us.

On August 25th

We have had fennel, courgettes and some fenugreek(still not cleared)

We had ordered a new shed....

You can see there behind the courgettes patch on the compost pile.