Sunday, 26 August 2012

My First Experience with the bees ...

My First Experience with the bees ...

You can watch the video of my first day of bee keeping.

These video shows how to transform a NUC to a beehive.

Please watch how the Queen separator is placed in the video. Should be parallel with the borads.

You can hear my voice as well ;)

Getting the nuc ready for the hive, April 14, 2012 12:44 (and my voice ...)

Capital Bee hive 


Setting them free 14 April 2012 (Part 1)



Setting them free 14 April 2012 (Part 2)


Getting some stragglers out of the box... 



Finally the girls are put in their home




And finally. D'oh! What did I forget to do, Fran? 



Getting closed up...finally.



Capital Bee apiary, one day in their new home 



Bees are all over this blossom... 


The Girls Fanning away ...




Sunday, 19 August 2012

Allotment Garden Festival, 2012

Welcome to Allotment Garden Festival


 Goodmayes(Goodmayes Lane Allotments)


Monday, 2 July 2012

August 2011 Update

August 2011

On August 12, 2011 we met the warden of the WRN allotment, and asked her. We were told that we could take the forest which would be 13.

It was a full forest, and had been not cleared for years. The whole of WRN, had been once Newbury Park Station.

Me and Mrs did Ganapathy pooja ( Prayers to Lord Ganesh (Elephant God)).

The weekend we had borrowed the trimmer to chop down the over grown thorny weeds.

 The next week we had bought our own contour strimmer from B&Q (34.98) , Wellies and  gloves.

New Plot (WRN 2B)

We started working the next week trimming. We were updated on 12th evening we are allocated 2B as the present person had planned to move off.

 We were over joyed. As the 2B was not like a forest. But it was full of weeds.

Me and my Mrs we had cleared the half the plot allocated to us.

On August 25th

We have had fennel, courgettes and some fenugreek(still not cleared)

We had ordered a new shed....

You can see there behind the courgettes patch on the compost pile.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Allotment Till Date (Year 2011)

Hi Welcome you all to my allotment Blog. After moving to a Flat in April 2011. i had discussed with my wife regarding an advetisement we saw in a iron grill. I asked her ''if we can both start growing vegetables' there was green signal from her.

I found that there was an allotment few streets away from my house at Wards Road North (WRN) And Wards Road South(WRS).

I Had sent a mail request to the secretary for WRN that we were interested in the allotment. I didnt get any response till May End. There I thought of sendign another mail, Hurrah Finally I got a reply from the person who manages to meet at the allotment.

I had taken with my wife to meet the person, we met her at her house and we were told that the allotment is behind her house and took us to 3 plots to view. 1 plot was 2 which was held by one Mr Patel and that the Allotment Society was waiting for the response from the person, becaue the allotment was not taken care of. We were advised that w had to clean & grow about atleast 75% of the allotment allocated to us. The next was the allotment 12, which was also held by another person and who not to be seen for the last 6 months. Then we were shown a forest, it has not been used for atleast last 20 or 30 years.

The person advised us to wait till August 1st week to get more inforamtion if we can secure any one of the 3 sites shown to us, we agreed to the offer and returned home hoping we will be allocated one of them.